Our Story

Our journey with Beach Body started in the summer of 2009. We had both been somewhat active prior to starting, but never quite enough to attain the goals we wanted to reach.

Thanks to a friend, we stumbled across P90X and decided to give it a shot, and by no means were we ready! Five minutes into Core Synergistics, we had to stop and reassess the situation. We decided it would be best to start with Power 90. We started September 2009 and went through the different phases.

In January 2010, we moved on to the Master Series. We quickly grew out of that, and knew we were ready to go back from where we once came – P90X. We took on the 90 day challenge and we made it the whole way through!

Now we’re working on Insanity. This has been a different kind of physical and mental challenge for us. We’re digging deep because we have our sights set on completing the challenge, and we have no intentions of falling short now.

Our journey is still a work in progress. But we also know that our way of life has been changed forever.

And now we’re ready to help YOU change your life for the better. We believe in the products, we’ve experienced the results first hand and there’s no denying the positive impact they’ve had on our lives.

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